That local approach

Our Construction team are passionate about quality for our customers in all sectors; education, leisure and culture, hotels, offices, custodial, health, retail, national frameworks for Government and local authorities.

Construction’s network of local company offices (LCOs) across England and Wales, each with its own MD, provides national coverage with a local team - giving customers the close attention and relationship with their LCO team right up to MD level. The close attention and quick, responsive approach is one reason our much valued customers and supply chain opt to work with us again, and again!

The balance between being a national company and having local presence is something we are proud to have. It also helps our ‘local pound’ approach of working with local companies where possible, with up to 40 per cent of a project’s spending distributed within 20 miles.

For customers, their project is centre stage for our team, as is our knowledge of their local community requirements, rather than being lost as a small part of national structure.

Building on Better

Our approach is that we can never stop improving, we can always keep learning and getting better! This starts with John Waterman and runs right through our construction team, and the aim is that through our work we build lives that are less ordinary.

Our Building on Better strategy is about getting the best results for our customers by ensuring nothing is taken for granted, no matter how good we think it is, how excellent the project - we can always learn and improve!

Our teams are required to examine and challenge everything, never accept that something cannot be improved, even if it already works well. Ideas are never dismissed, no matter how small or irrelevant, and there’s a zeal for not accepting the status quo just because it works – because who knows if it will work tomorrow?

This includes our zero compromise health and safety approach that have seen the number of site-based incidents reduce year on year with the All Safe programme. But that’s not good enough, so we launched the All Safe Minds programme to combat stress and mental fatigue, tacking a new area that often gets overlooked in the construction sector.

As chief operating officer John Waterman says,

"We all have a role in improving our company, no matter how small or insignificant we think our idea may be. That suggestion to improve something, our team don’t stay silent just because no one else has said anything; it's the small things that add up and make us a better business, and everyone goes to work here to do amazing things!"

Our vitality and future prosperity relies on our people being prepared to challenge what we do to keep improving!